Stellar MC
Owner XxPermaxX
Status online
Players 16/500
Version 1.8.x-1.12.x
Rank 2
Votes 1
Last Check 3 months ago
Categories Creative Factions MCMMO Minigames
Stellar MC

----- Stellar Mc 1.8.9+-----
Cracked Mc Server

[1.8.9+ --Factions] Custom Enchants/Gen Buckets HEAD HUNTERS JUST ADDED....
Ftop Prizes To be WON. Server Owner Faction is Looking for New Cannoners. Base builders and PVP players. Come help me become faction top.

[1.12.2+ Survival]--We Love Epic Plugins around here. Ultimate Timber, Easy Farming, 17,000 Heads. New Custom Biome and player shops.

[1.8.9+--Skyblock]--Island Top Prizes-

Active Dedicated Owners and Staff
Live Server chats
Donator Ranks/Mcmmo Rankups on all Servers.
enjin: Almost at 400 Members
discord: Just Hit 300+ Members

Stellar Mc Is looking for Youtubers plz join and PM TeamHR#7729 Or XxPermaxX#7796