Owner KerchooK
Status offline
Address play.zealous.tk
Website http://store.zealous.tk/
Players 0/0
Version 1.12.2
Rank 13
Votes 0
Last Check 3 months ago
Categories Economy Prison

Zealous is an OP Prison server designed for your entertainment. It is not to the point where you are just blowing through all of the ranks in seconds, or taking a year to get through the first prestige. There are custom plugins, to make the experience as optimal as possible. If you devote your time, and remain dedicated, you will have the option to join our staff group. Zealous is a small community, made for the people who want to feel like they are noticed. All of your brightest ideas will most defiantly be implemented, with a reward. With a friendly staff group, there are no reasons why you should not join Zealous today!