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Version 1.8.x-1.12.x
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CreativeKing is arguably one of the leading Creative-gamemode Minecraft Servers. With over 5 years of experience of moderating, managing and administrating Minecraft servers, you can be sure of receiving a fun, safe and griefer-free experience on award-winning server technology.

When it comes to having a great community to interact with, there's nowhere better. With a simple one-minute registration system, you can be building almost instantly without the hastle of waiting for approval by a member of staff. Our playerbase is so diverse that you are almost certain to find someone with similar interests to you - whether you're interested in football, rugby, programming or even bird watching, you're more than likely going to find someone compatable.

One of the major features of CreativeKing that most creative servers lack these days is that we don't have a formal plots system. By this, we mean you are able to build anywhere on the map, providing it has not already been taken. This allows for you to work on builds with friends - there's no messing about with permissions or plot members, they can just join! In addition to this, there are no restrictions on the size of builds. Therefore, if you want to build a gigantic medieval castle, go for it!

Another issue that some servers face these days is the blight that "griefers" can bring. CreativeKing has solved this issue. With cutting-edge block-logging software, we can record every block change and undo griefs in a matter of seconds. Our bans are also aggregated with hundreds of other servers; if a player with multiple bans on other servers tries to join CreativeKing, they are automatically excluded to allow us to maintain our clean and healthy community.

"CreativeKing is a fantastic server. I've really enjoyed being able to build without any limits."

"I would definitely recommend CreativeKing to a friend. The staff are the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met!"

"Some of the builds are out of this world. I have never seen such creativity on Minecraft before."